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(On a side note, you'll learn how to make side-panels like this!)


Are you ready to go from clueless to competent in four different coding languages and not go broke doing it?

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The aim of Crash Course Coding is to take a person who is a complete novice in coding to a point where they can easily continue to learn more by themselves within 2 months. This 32 hour, 16 class course is chock full of basic information you'll need to get started on your journey of learning many different programming languages as they mostly share many similar elements..

The hardest part of learning a new language, digital or not, is learning how to read it, speak it and form coherent sentences in it. This 2 month course is shorter than your average evening course or college class, but you will learn how to read, speak and write four coding languages well enough that all you'll have to do is add to your vocabulary.

The best part? It all goes down right here in Saskatoon, giving those of us who need a physical classroom and instructor, a place to go!

What are the requirements to join this course?

Very little actually! The course is set up in such an easy-to-follow way that almost anyone will be able to do this. Here are some things you'll want to know:

  • You'll need to have your own laptop
  • You'll need to know how to speak English (code is written in "English")
  • You'll need the drive to learn on your own (homework will be given!)
  • You'll need to find transportation to and from class (downtown Saskatoon)
  • No age requirement! Anyone of any age can learn this, the sooner the better
  • No previous designing/coding experience required

"...you can take what you've learned (in) this course and build great and beautiful things using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Having taken and completed this course I would be willing to recommend it to anybody."   -Garrett, Student

Take a look at the following code

<div id="wrapper">
    <div class="four-columns" id="paris">
      <div class="overlay-div">
        <h4>07 - 09 MAY 2017</h4>
        <p>Join us for 2 days, 4 workshops, 14 fantastic speakers.</p>
        <h3><a href="#" class="button">VIEW</a></h3>

If you can visualize what this might possibly look like and what it's trying to create, then good for you! You already know some basic web coding! If not, then this course is perfect for you!

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I'm a graphic designer by trade and have been making pretty pictures as my job since my college years (some 8 years ago). I picked up web coding in 2012 and have been coding ever since with a combination of help from classes and teaching myself from online courses.

I'm someone who focuses heavily on front-end coding because I'm a sucker for things looking good. You'll probably even pick up a thing or two on graphic design theory during our two months together!