Jump-start your coding career

Crash Course Coding will teach you HTML, CSS & Javascript as a springboard towards your coding future; be it a current job, a new job or freelance. A lot of coding languages are similar and just getting your foot wet with coding in general makes subsequent languages much more easier to learn.

For example, Javascript is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. While you may not know what that means yet (come to class to find out), what I can tell you is that Javascript is just one of many coding languages that uses OOP in one form or another. Likewise, learning HTML extremely helpful in learning other similar languages such as XML, JSX and others.

Or become a web developer

On top of all that, learning HTML, CSS & Javascript alone is enough to get you a job in many fields, as we are in the age where everything needs a website! Taking Crash Course Coding sets you up beautifully to become a Junior Web Developer within months if that is your goal! The logic you’ll learn with Javascript also opens up doors for web app development using Vue.JS, React.JS or Angular.JS.