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Welcome to Crash Course Coding! I look forward to teaching you everything I know and perhaps learning something along the way myself!

Please make sure that you download anything required for class the day before to make the most out of our time together.

Please download these programs/Files before coming to Class:

Week 1-1 | HTML


By the end of class today you would have learnt the basics of HTML and have a firm grasp on the syntax of the most commonly used HTML tags and their purposes

Class Highlights


  1. There should always be an opening and closing tag.
  2. Everything should be in an HTML tag.

Coding Glossary

  • <a> - Your general link text.
  • <p> - Your general text box.
  • <div> - Simply a container to put other elements into
  • <span> - Select parts of a text without having to separate them.
  • <h1> - (From h1 to h6) Header font, from largest to smallest, respectively.
  • <section> - New in HTML5. Similar to a div and usually used to mark large bodies like chapters
  • <ul> - Unordered list. Uses bullet-points.
  • <ol> - Ordered list. Uses numbers.
  • <li> - List item. Defines what text goes in the list.
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Week 1-2 | CSS


By the end of class today you would have learnt the basics of CSS and have a firm grasp on its syntax and the different ways it can manipulate HTML.

Class Highlights


  1. Period (.) for classes
  2. Hashtag (#) for ids

Coding Glossary

  • display:none | block | inline-block | inline - Control how an HTML element appears and acts.
  • position:initial | relative | absolute | fixed; - Control how the HTML element positions itself in relation to itself or it’s nearest positioned ancestor.
  • opacity:1; - 1 is 100% opacity | 0 is 0% opacity | 0.5 is 50% opacity
  • color:red; - Change the color of the font inside the object.
  • background-color:red; - Change the color of the background of that div, default is transparent.
  • font-size:12px - Controls the font size
  • margin:10px; - ncreases the margin from this object with other object; does not have a background color | appears outside the border.
  • padding:10px; - - Increases the padding from this object with other object; has a background color | appears inside the border
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What’s Next?

Want to learn more with CCC?

There is currently a “Buy-One, Get One Half-Off ” (BOGOHO?) deal going on! If you want to take advantage of this and take this course with a friend, let me know! Use BOGO50%OFF discount code at checkout when paying for two seats, perfect if you came to class with a friend today.

If you’re interested in continuing this course, either this class or the next one in two months, let me know as well. We usually have some sort of promo going a couple weeks before the class starts if you want to keep an eye out for that.

All that being said, if you can’t wait to learn more, but can’t justify taking this course (don’t worry, I won’t be offended!) I highly suggest the following resources to continue your coding journey!

  • Codecademy - Probably the most well known online courses for coding. I highly suggest their taking their web development course as it covers similar content as my classes. Be prepared to self teach though!

  • Stackoverflow - There are hundreds of thousands of other coders out there that are multiple times smarter than us… Let’s leverage that and ask them our questions!

  • Udemy - I’ve never taken Udemy courses before, but I hear good things from them! And by ‘them’, I mean I see their ads… If you decide to go this route, let me know how Udemy works for self-teaching.